Company & Philosophy

A Place Where the Spirit can Grow and be Nurtured

“Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world.”



Donny and Roseanne started Paradigm Residential Services on January 6, 2000. We started our company to give a “lift up” to those individuals who often times have been forgotten by society. We started Paradigm because we felt there could be places in which individuals could call home. We strongly feel home is a place where memories are made and cherished. We are committed to making our homes a place where an individual should feel safe, secure and happy.

We didn’t want to create just another group home. Minnesota has plenty of group homes. Donny and Roseanne wanted to give a genesis to environments in which individuals may choose to live and cohabitate with other individuals, being empowered by their differences not debilitated by them. We wanted to create environments in the home that would build human dignity rather than strip it away. We wanted homes people would be proud to live in, an environment that would offer safety and dignity.

Paradigm Residential Services, Inc. is so much more than residential services, it is a place where the spirit can grow and be nurtured. It is a place where one human soul touches another. We are very proud of what we do. Paradigm Residential Services, Inc. is more than an entity created by Donny and Roseanne. Paradigm is an entity unto itself, created by something larger than imagined by us, and guided by a spirit larger than both of us.

The human spirit is a powerful tool. When it touches another it can ignite and bring to pass powerful experiences. If you are interested in touring our homes, or interested in having us speak at your meeting or function, please contact us. Also be sure to check out some of our testimonials.

Management Team

2 Donny Barnes, M.S., B.B.A.                                           Co-Owner


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Donny has a B.A. in Communications and Psychology, B.B.A. in Human Resource Management, and Master of Science in Forensic Psychology with Mental Health Applications. Donny’s experience comes from working with individuals who had a wide range of disabilities.Furthermore, Donny has experience working in the vocational field under a grant through DHS and DRS for people with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness. Finally, Donny served in the capacity of Executive Director for a non profit waiver services provider, overseeing the closure of an ICF/MR, transitioning the clients to Waiver Programs. Under Donny’s direction the non profit grew from operating four homes to operating eight homes. The entire process gave Donny the knowledge of working with various funding streams. Donny is currently an Associate Member of the American Psychological Association and the Minnesota Psychological Association. Donny is also a member of the Phi Chi Organization.

DSC_4170 Roseanne Smith, B.A., LSW                                           Co-Owner 

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Rosie has been a Licensed Social Worker for 34 years with a broad area of knowledge, and over 31 years of experience in the field. She graduated from the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN. Rosie has worked with various populations of disabled adults. Rosie assisted in opening the first homes in Minnesota for persons with Brain Injuries for another residential agency.

DSC_4188 Terrol Ferguson, B.A. – Senior Program Director and Designated Coordinator 

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Terrol has been with Paradigm for about 17 years and has over 26 years of experience working in residential care settings in both direct care and supervisory roles. Through Minot State University she completed the Developmental Disabilities Curriculum Requirements as established by the Dakota State Council of Developmental Disabilities of the State of North Dakota. Terrol also has experience working with children diagnosed with Autism. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from St. Cloud State University. 

Kelly Barnes, B.A. – Junior Program Director  

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Kelly has been with Paradigm for over 3 years. She started as a Direct Care Staff, and became a Lead Staff within the first two years. She then worked her way up to her current position as Junior Program Director. Kelly received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from St. Cloud State University. She carried a GPA of 3.7 in her area of studies while working at Paradigm Residential Services, Inc. Kelly has been exposed for many years to numerous populations with different abilities.


Nancy Barnes – Financial Coordinator

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Nancy has tremendous experience in financial concerns that may face consumers and has worked closely with County and State Employees to advocate and resolve financial issues. Nancy is instrumental in working with clients to manage their housing cost. Nancy serves to train staff on the process of SSI, RSDI, and GRH. Nancy is a strong advocate for consumer financial services

DSC_4204 Cyndi Vandenberg – Human Resource Manager 

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Cyndi has been with Paradigm for over 16 years and has over 20 years of experience in residential and private settings working with various disabilities. She has a son who has had Mental Health Issues for the last nine years, and a daughter who has suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury for the last ten years following an accident. Cyndi also has five years experience as a Certified CPR/First Aid Instructor with three years experience as an EMT.

Amber Fischer, B.A. – Office Coordinator 

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Amber has been with Paradigm for over 3 years. She started as a Direct Care Staff, became a Lead Staff, and then worked her way to her current position as Office Coordinator. Amber attended St. Cloud State University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Through employment and volunteer work, Amber has experience working with individuals with cognitive and physical impairments. In all areas, she has gained skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and information acquisition. 

DSC_4160 Sarah Vedder, RN – Medical Services Director  

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Sarah brings a large amount of experience having received her Registered Nurse Degree at Fond duLac Tribal and Community College. Sarah has worked extensively in this field with other providers who serve people with brain injury and mental health issues. Her responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of the medication program and designing that program around the individuals we serve at Paradigm Residential Services. Sarah teaches staff medication administration training, coordinates outside services with other stakeholders and oversees the medical needs of the individuals we serve. Sarah is a strong advocate for the individuals that Paradigm Residential Services, Inc. serves. Sarah currently holds a License with the Board of Nursing in the State of Minnesota.

DSC_4226  Noel Cahalan – Receptionist 

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Noel has been with Paradigm for over 11 years. Her responsibilities also include on-line grocery ordering for the homes as well as maintaining everyday office operations. Noel brings with her knowledge of working with persons with mental health issues and various other medical and/or disability related concerns. Her spirit and attitude is a great addition to our office team.