Paradigm Residential Services

A Place Where the Spirit can Grow and be Nurtured


DSC_4289Rosie and Don started Paradigm Residential Services on January 6, 2000. We started our company to give a “lift up” to those individuals who often times have been forgotten by society. We started Paradigm because we felt there could be places in which individuals could call home. We strongly feel home is a place where memories are made and cherished. We are committed to making our homes a place where an individual should feel safe, secure and happy.

We didn’t want to create just another group home. Minnesota has plenty of group homes. Rosie and Don wanted to give a genesis to environments in which individuals may choose to live and cohabitate with other individuals, being empowered by their differences not debilitated by them. We wanted to create environments in the home that would build human dignity rather than strip it away. We wanted homes people would be proud to live in, an environment that would offer safety and dignity.

Paradigm Residential Services, Inc. is so much more than residential services, it is a place where the spirit can grow and be nurtured. It is a place where one human soul touches another. We are very proud of what we do. Paradigm Residential Services, Inc. is more than an entity created by Rosie or Don. Paradigm is an entity unto itself, created by something larger than imagined by us, and guided by a spirit larger than both of us.

The human spirit is a powerful tool. When it touches another it can ignite and bring to pass powerful experiences. If you are interested in touring our homes, or interested in having us speak at your meeting or function, please contact us. Be sure to also check out some of our testimonials.